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Dr. Ira Shapiro – Olympic Athletes Chiropractor

If you are looking for a sports physician in Old Bridge and surrounding areas in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties than you have come to the right place.  Dr. Shapiro has over 35 years experience in sports medicine which includes twice being named the chiropractor for the U.S. Olympic team!

Dr. Shapiro was only the 9th chiropractor ever selected to the medical staff of any United States Olympic event when he was chosen to be the official chiropractor of the 2004 Olympic team. Dr. Shapiro provided his sports medicine expertise to nearly 550 American athletes participating in the 2004 Summer Olympic in Athens, Greece.

In 2006, Dr Shapiro became the first ever chiropractor to be named to the medical staff of a second U.S. Olympic team!  In the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Torino, Italy, Dr. Shapiro lent his experience to over 220 U.S. athletes.

*Click here to check out Dr. Shapiro’s extensive list of sports experience and to view additional pictures of Dr. Shapiro at the 2006 Olympic Games.

Chiropractic for Sports Injuries

Activities can exert a tremendous amount of stress on the spinal column and joints. Dr. Shapiro works with amateur through professional athletes for optimal health to prevent injury. Unfortunately injuries occur, but with chiropractic for sports injuries, clients regain strength and avoid chronic issues.

A sports injury such as a sprained ankle or sore back can result from poor technique or lead to poor technique when an individual athlete overcompensates for an injury favoring one side of his or her body or one position. Sports injuries also lead to secondary pains and problems. Dr. Shapiro treats not just the specific location of pain, but the areas radiating out from it as well.

Kinesio Taping in Old Bridge New Jersey

Kinesio tape has a number of therapeutic benefits.  Because Kinesio Tape is left on for several days to up to a week, thes benefits are available to the injured area a full 24 hours per day.  This has a significant effect to accelerating the healing process from trauma, injuries and inflammatory conditions.

Learn more about Kinesio taping at Plaza Chiropractic Center

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