Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated by Our Trusted Chiropractor

Welcome to Plaza Chiropractic Center in Old Bridge, NJ. Our dedicated chiropractor, Dr. Charles Marotta, specializes in treating various conditions, providing pain relief, improved mobility and quality of life.

Back Pain

Back pain can severely hinder your daily activities. Dr. Marotta can help alleviate your back pain through proven chiropractic techniques tailored to your needs, like spinal adjustments and posture correction.

Our chiropractor is known for his expertise in diagnosing and treating back pain, including low back pain, upper back pain, and sciatica. We use various manual techniques, spinal adjustments, and therapeutic exercises to alleviate pain and improve spinal function.

Neck Pain

At Plaza Chiropractic Center, we specialize in treating neck pain by realigning your vertebrae and reducing stress on your neck muscles, restoring your comfort and flexibility.

Our chiropractor can help individuals experiencing neck pain, stiffness, and discomfort caused by cervical disc herniation, whiplash, or muscle strain. We use gentle adjustments, mobilization techniques, and neck-specific exercises to reduce pain and improve neck mobility.


Whiplash, a common injury resulting from sudden, forceful back-and-forth neck movement, is another condition we successfully treat for our patients. We use targeted adjustments to relieve the pain and stiffness associated with whiplash, promoting faster healing and a return to normal function.

Joint Pain

Chronic joint pain can significantly impact your quality of life. We offer treatments to alleviate joint pain, improve range of motion, and enhance mobility.

Personal Injuries

Personal injuries from accidents or falls can lead to chronic pain and mobility issues. We offer personalized treatments for these injuries, providing pain relief and helping you on your road to recovery.

Sports Injuries

Specializing in sports medicine, Dr. Marotta addresses sports injuries with a comprehensive approach. He helps you recover and get back on track by safely using active-release techniques and rehabilitative exercises.


Sciatica, often marked by lower back pain extending to your legs, can be effectively managed under our guidance. By addressing the root cause of your sciatica, we aim to provide long-term relief and prevent future flare-ups.

Headaches and Migraines

Chiropractic care can effectively manage tension headaches and certain types of migraines. Our chiropractor may focus on relieving tension and misalignment in the neck and upper spine, which can contribute to headache symptoms.

Persistent headaches are often associated with spinal issues. Using chiropractic adjustments, we can relieve the pressure on your nervous system, reducing the frequency and severity of your headaches. Our chiropractor will devise a personalized treatment plan that targets the source of your migraines.

Embark on Your Path to Pain-Free Living

At Plaza Chiropractic Center in Old Bridge, NJ, we're here to help you overcome these conditions. Whether you're dealing with back, neck, or knee pain, our chiropractor is ready to provide you with a personalized treatment plan. Contact us today at (732) 723-0023 to schedule an appointment.

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