Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain happens, especially with age. Twist wrong, lift something a bit too heavy and injuries can happen. A few days of rest and taking it easy, maybe with an ice pack, might take care of things. However, there are cases where the back pain is serious, or it continues to be chronic. That’s where we come in. We at Plaza Chiropractic Center & Sports Medicine in Old Bridge, NJ, are here to help.


Our Back Pain Treatment Approach

The traditional approach to back pain is to go for painkillers for relief. Over-the-counter options provide some relief, but it’s temporary.

Chiropractic treatment goes beyond just using pharmaceuticals and hoping for the best. Our approach is to diagnose the nature and cause of the back pain and then focus on how to help the body start to heal itself. This is done through various chiropractic approaches, singular or combined, depending on the patient’s case needs and what works better for the given situation. One of our approaches is spinal manipulation.

Proactive Spinal Treatment

Spinal manipulation, via the work of a trained chiropractor, can help put the spine back into proper alignment. The body is designed to work in a specific way with a specific alignment. When it is out of balance, twisted, pinched or strained, we might feel it as pain. Spinal misalignments may be seen with a sports injury and personal injury from auto accidents. They can also happen alongside sciatica and chronic leg pain, for example.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation combined with guided exercises and lifestyle change can help resolve back pain problems. Lower back pain can occur and stay because of years of improper movement, function, posture, and similar. This wears on the body, requiring more and more strain from the back, frequently the lower area. Spinal adjustment might help reduce built-up strain, improve blood circulation and nervous system function.

Get Chiropractic Care from Our Chiropractor for Sciatica, Leg Pain, a Personal Injury, or a Sports Injury

At Plaza Chiropractic Center & Sports Medicine in Old Bridge, NJ, we can provide chiropractic treatment to back pain stemming from sports injury or personal injury causes. We can also help treat sciatica and related leg pain issues as well. You don't need to suffer in silence or with temporary relief that keeps disappearing. Call us at (732) 723-0023 for more information.

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