Combating Tiredness and Fatigue Should Be Part of Your Everyday Wellness Plan

For many of us, tiredness and fatigue are constantly at war with our desires to live fuller, healthier and more successful lives. Stress, pain, illness and a lack of exercise, sleep and rest are just a few of the culprits that seemingly turn the best intentions into unfulfilled potential on a regular basis.

As a consequence of our busy, modern lives, experts say that nearly 10 percent of all adults suffer from persistent tiredness. For some, it’s just a matter of catching up with a good night’s sleep. However, numerous others live with this chronic problem that not only undermines day-to-day functioning, but also the quality of life.

In addition, recent studies have shown that it is virtually impossible for most of us to lose weight or stay fit and trim without the proper amount of sleep and rest. The fact is when you’re tired you move less and eat more. It’s just that simple.

But, there are numerous ways to regain control, refresh yourself and overcome the sense of discomfort and uneasiness that accompanies a general lack of energy. First, remember that ignoring the early signs of fatigue can lead to a downward cycle over time. Seeking qualified medical advice is imperative for identifying underlying problems, treating ailments and achieving wellness.

Next, don’t fall into the trap. Sleep and rest should never be considered luxuries or the frivolous pursuits of the lazy or unmotivated. They are necessities for a productive, vigorous life and essential for enhancing everything from concentration, learning ability and reflexes to alertness and endurance.

Although individual needs vary, recent studies have shown that most adults require between seven to nine hours of sleep per day. Anything less is likely to accompany a distinct increase in appetite and calorie consumption as well as other symptoms such as lethargy and depression.

In the United States, however, it is caffeine—not rest—that helps 78 percent of people cope with their responsibilities. But while the benefits of caffeine are real for improving mood and cognitive performance, it can also lead to anxiety, headaches and dehydration if not consumed with equal amounts of water. For instance, research has proved that a breakfast rich in fiber and carbohydrates can increase alertness, while protein- rich or balanced meals can improve cognitive performance.

Furthermore, even with the adequate sleep and nutrition, a general lack of motion can regularly keep us from doing more with our daily lives. Subsequently, to prevent mental fatigue, try starting the day with exercise, taking frequent 5- to 15-second micro-breaks (shoulder rolls or stretching) throughout the day and, of course, taking advantage of the lunch break to perform some form of aerobic exercise.

Years ago, Americans walked approximately 12 miles every day. Today, we’re lucky if we take 3,000 steps. It’s imperative to not only find, but make the time to stay on the move. If all you can manage is a five-minute walk, do it. Five minutes are better than none. For those on a time crunch, consider simply getting up from your desk and walking around the office or the parking lot to get your blood flowing.

In addition, be creative. Experiment. Find something you like and stick with it. If yoga and zumba aren’t for you, try swimming, biking or a cardio class. The options are endless. Just don’t get stuck in a rut.

Finally, a fit, trim and energized life should be a year-round pursuit. When in doubt, don’t fail to reach out to licensed professionals, who have years of experience helping patients maintain proper weight, improve their moods, combat chronic diseases, boost energy levels and promote better sleeping habits.

For more information on obtaining a better, fitter life please contact the Plaza Chiropractic Center at 732-723-0023. Our trained staff will be happy to work with you, no matter your age or condition, to develop a safe and effective wellness program that complements your life style and offers long-lasting fitness rewards.

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