FAKTR – Reduce Pain and Restore Function


FAKTR stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation. FAKTR treatment reduces pain and restores function to injured areas.

Let me start by asking what does FAKTR stand for?

Dr. Ira Shapiro: FAKTR stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation. It’s a soft tissue technique that is used to speed up the healing time of both acute and chronic injuries. It is a protocol that has been developed by Dr. Tom Hyde and by Dr. Greg Doerr.

Why would someone need FAKTR treatment?

Dr. Ira Shapiro: FAKTR basically reduces pain and restores function to injured areas. Remember, movement isn’t carried out by a single muscle but rather a series of muscles that contract in a certain order. Each time that these contractions happen, they’re burned into a pathway and these are called movement patterns. When there is some sort of disruption in the movement pattern due to an injury to the soft tissues, the muscles, the tendon, the ligaments – what happens then: You have an abnormal movement pattern. FAKTR is a soft tissue technique that can restore the proper movement patterns by resolving the issues in the muscles.

How does FAKTR work?

Dr. Ira Shapiro: It works in 3 major areas. First, with the nervous system by stimulating certain pathways in the nervous system. What it does, it normalizes the tone of the under or over active muscles. We’re effectively, rebooting the nervous system to restore proper tone to the soft tissues. Additionally, it works structurally; it influences the healing processes of injured or degenerated soft tissues. It’s like re-attaching fibers of a frayed rope from the inside out. The third area what it works in is vascular, dealing with the blood system. By changing treatment intensities, it can turn soft tissue treatments into an anti-inflammatory treatment thereby affecting the superficial blood flow which can lead to reduced swelling and reduced bruising.

What do you think makes this treatment more effective than conventional treatments?

Dr. Ira Shapiro: It combines soft tissue treatment with resistance training. Basically, it’s working on resistance training which is exercise, proprioception which is balance and coordination and it produces fast results than the more traditional or conventional treatment methods.

Do you have any success stories from individuals who have benefited from FAKTR?

Dr. Ira Shapiro: I use FAKTR in my office on a daily basis. Any type of soft tissue injury that comes into our office those individuals are treated with FAKTR. Whether it’s a high school athlete, a weekend warrior, a professional athlete or an Olympic athlete. All of them seem to respond well to this type of treatment. Non-invasive, it doesn’t create any pain, it takes a short period of time and has a long lasting benefit.

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