Kinesio Taping


Kinesio Taping helps reduce inflammation and swelling underneath the skin.

Can you please describe what Kinesio Tape is?

Dr. Edward Camacho: Kinesio tape is an elastic therapeutic tape. It’s designed to mimic the qualities of human skin. It is not like the typical white tape that you normally see in training rooms growing up in high school. It is a comfortable treatment method for use with all patients dealing with various conditions.

How does the Kinesio Taping process work?

Dr. Edward Camacho: The process … It’s an elastic tape that is applied to clean skin on the patient. If necessary, the hair will be trimmed down to allow adhesion to the skin by the tape. The tape is applied in a manner which the direction and the amount of tension dictates the effect of the tape on the body. The patient then lives their normal life, going to the gym, taking a shower, etc. The tape will remain applied to the body for up to as much as three to five days, until their next treatment.

What common injuries or issues does Kinesio Taping help to heal?

Dr. Edward Camacho: Almost everything and anything relating to skin, circulatory or lymphatic systems, fascia, muscles, and joints. Those are the five main areas of physiological effects of Kinesio Tape but those five areas alone cover a vast area of conditions from headaches to scoliosis to foot pain.

How does Kinesio Taping help to reduce swelling and inflammation?

Dr. Edward Camacho: Kinesio tape works by affecting mostly the skin. Underneath the skin are different avenues for fluid movement. Blood vessels and lymphatic systems specifically for this purpose are given more space to allow for fluid transport. With swelling, the area becomes tight, stiff, and filled with fluid. The tape actually helps lift the skin and separate the different layers of the skin to allow for more room underneath. Within the skin are also pain receptors, are also called mechanoreceptors. This congestion underneath the skin creates pain because the receptors are congested. This Kinesio Tape application can actually lift the different layers of skin which at times of acute injury can help decrease the swelling, decrease inflammation, and even decrease the patient’s pain.

Is Kinesio Taping used for injury prevention as well?

Dr. Edward Camacho: Yes. Kinesio Tape can be used for injury prevention. When you tape the body for specific motions, you are able to influence the body’s awareness, and can also aid in motion direction. We have many patients who request the tape prior to activity to help them physically and mentally stay safe and strong.

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