Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries result from overuse and are most common in athletes who over train. Cross-training and proper rest are some ways to prevent these injuries. What are some common names for certain repetitive movement injuries? Well, the most common names…
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Chiropractic and the Olympic Games

  As a chiropractor I have been able to use chiropractic care for Olympic Athletes to improve their performance during the Olympic Games. When I was at the winter games in Turino, Italy I was introduced to the skip for…
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Chiropractic and Athletics

Chiropractors work with athletes to make sure their bodies are in alignment with no nerve interference so they can perform at their peak. How does chiropractic care help athletes who have suffered a sports accident or injury? Dr. Ira Shapiro: You…
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FAKTR For Sports Injuries

    Any athlete that has a soft tissue injury would benefit from FAKTR treatment. Whether the injury is to a ligament, muscle or tendon, it is going to respond favorably to FAKTR. FAKTR combines soft tissue treatment with resistance…
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