Chiropractic and the Olympic Games



As a chiropractor I have been able to use chiropractic care for Olympic Athletes to improve their performance during the Olympic Games. When I was at the winter games in Turino, Italy I was introduced to the skip for the curling team. That was the year that curling became the darling sport of the Olympics for the United States. When I met the skip, I asked him how was his right shoulder and his left hip. He looked at me and said “Have we met before?” I said “No.” He asked me do I curl? I said, “No.” He said, “How did you know my shoulder and my hip were bothering me?” I said because the movements in curling are similar to those movements in bowling. I had been working with the pro-bowlers tour for a number of years so I was quite familiar with the over-use type injuries and the traumatic injuries that were associated with bowling and because bio-mechanically curling is the same type of motion, I was able to take those experiences from bowling and transfer them to the sport of curling.

The athletes were very happy with the results that they were getting due to a lot of work that I had done with them. That’s why they say they were able to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time enabling them to receive the first medal ever by any curling team in an Olympics for the United States.

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